ezTalks: How to Prepare for A Video Conference Interview?

So, what is a video conferencing interview and why do you need it? Video conferencing interviews are interviews in which the interviews are taken with the video as the communication medium. It is a convenient way of conducting interviews when the interviewer and the interviewee are separated by a huge physical distance.

Video conferencing interviews ensure that distance is no longer a physical barrier in searching and securing jobs and that you can apply for your dream jobs no matter where you live. With the aid of video conferencing interviews, people no longer have to worry about transportation and other related costs while travelling to another place for taking or giving an interview.

However, many make the mistake of preparing for a video conferencing interview in the same way as they would for a face-to-face interview. What is important to understand is that though video conference interview questions asked might be the same, the preparations of such an interview should be slightly different, as the medium of communication is different. Preparing for a video conferencing interview requires as much effort as you would put in for a face-to-face interview.

how to prepare for video conference interview

The Top Tips to Help You Prepare for A Video Conferencing Interview

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a video conferencing interview. Have a look.

Being Familiar with the Tools

Interviewers generally arrange for professional video conferencing software to use during these interviews and as such, it is advisable to be familiar with popular tools such as ezTalks cloud meeting software, a professional and powerful video conferencing software to let interviewers conduct interviews via Windows PC, Mac, Android device and iOS devices from anywhere effoerlessly. Try to understand the ins and outs of the technical aspects of these video conferencing software. If you can try out a free demo of these tools, it would be a great help to familiarize you with the tools.


Know where to look. It is always essential to maintain eye contact in any interview and it is the same for a video conferencing interview. As such, you should take care to look at the computer camera rather than at the computer screen itself. The computer screen will just show your interviewers. It is not the medium through which your face will be relayed to them.

You can look at the screen on occasion, but most of the times, remember to look straight at the camera so that you are looking directly at your interviewers which also shows that you are interested in the interview.

Proper Grooming

You should keep in mind that the atmosphere for a video conferencing interview is as formal as any other interview and as such, you should not be attending the interview in your favourite T-Shirt and jeans. Wear a formal dress, same as what you would wear for a face-to-face interview. Ensure that your face and your hair is clean and professional in appearance. Wearing a graphic tee, or just wearing a formal shirt with your house shorts because you think they can’t see them won’t help at all.

Checking Your Speakers and Microphones

Double-check your speakers and microphones to ensure that you can properly hear through them. Schedule dummy interviews through the same tool with someone you know to ensure that you hear properly. Speak slowly but fluently, and make sure that your words can be easily understand through the speakers.


If you have a tendency to use lot of hand gestures just because you are on video, do not to do that. Limit your facial and hand gestures to the same amount as you would in a face-to-face interview. Too many hand gestures may distract interviewers away from what you are saying.


Keep the background as plain as possible. Remove any dump of clothes that may be seen, or any fancy posters from the walls. It would be helpful just to have the bare wall as your background as it will avoid distractions and appear minimal and professional. Avoid having a mirror on the wall behind you as well. Make sure no one disturbs you during the course of the interview. Try to avoid having loud noises or sounds heard during the interview.


In addition to the above tips, practice and prepare for your interview questions, and avoid asking questions that you should never ask in video conferencing interviews, have all your materials ready. When the video conferencing interview comes, take care your video conference interview etiquette, and be confident that you can crack it. Good Luck!

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ezTalks: What Is Video Conferencing Interview And How It Works

With the increasing popularity of the video conferencing interview, many companies have adopted the use of video conferencing interviews. This social, mobile and cloud technology has changed recruitment tremendously. This technique also allows interviewers to meet and interview many more candidates than those in normal face-to-face interviews.

Part 1. What Is Video Conferencing Interview?

What is exactly video conferencing interview definition? Video conferencing interview is a kind of conference call that connects the candidates with companies that are in different locations. This advance brings technology to the workplace in the best way. It minimizes travel and other expenses, but still allows interviewers to meet the candidates using a human-like interaction.

A video conferencing interview is just like any other face to face interview. The only difference is the fact that technology bridges the distance between the interviewer and candidates. Just like a telephone call, a video conferencing interview has multipoint that allow two or more people in different locations to take part in the interviewing process. The interview can be conducted from a desktop at work, a home computer, laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

what is video conferencing interview

Part 2. Why Use Video Conferencing Interview?

By conducting video conferencing interview, companies can equally enjoy cheaper remote hiring costs and a better engagement with its candidates. Video conferencing interview also creates better experiences for the candidates. They can be able to diligently answer all questions without feeling nervous as they are not sitting in front of a live panel.

· Convenience
Companies can be able to organize interviews and set up logistics in a virtual conference room with lesser logistical resources and in a shorter time period.

· Save Time
A video conferencing interview does not just save money, but also saves time for both interviewers and candidates. There won’t be any need to travel and interviews can be fit into a single day’s work.

· Create A Comfortable Interview Environment to Outperform
Video conferencing interviews do not give the interviewers a chance to really connect with the candidates. It allows candidates to communicate with the company’s interviewers without tension at comfortable home. This helps the candidates perform well.

· High Productivity
Video conferencing interviews improves productivity by shortening interview processes and selecting the best candidate on the internet no matter whether the candidate are located or not.

· Interviews Are Recordable
Video conferencing interviews are easy to record. As such, interviewers can use these recordings if they need to refresh themselves about the interviews.

Part 3. Make Adequate Preparations for A Video Conferencing Interview

For a successful video conferencing interview experience, the following should be considered:

· A Quiet Background
Any distracting background noises like incoming calls, should be avoided in order to maintain focus from both ends during the video conferencing interview.

· Maintain Eye Contact
By looking directly at the candidate, the interviewers will be able to leave a good impression on the candidate.

· Have A Clear Microphone
Before the video conferencing interview, the interviewers should test their microphones in order to maintain a clear communication channel between the candidate and them.

· Prepare All the Right Questions
It is important to have all the right questions before an interview. The company should prepare all behavioural, situational and open-ended video conferencing interview questions that require answers.

· Always Be Professional
Interviewers should not neglect the video conferencing etiquette and get relaxed in the way that they conduct a video conferencing interview just because the candidate is not physically present. It is important to maintain the same level of professionalism and importance as a face-to-face interview.
More information on preparing for video conferencing interviews>>

Part 4. How to Conduct A Video Conferencing Interview

To conduct a video conferencing interview, interviewers ought to rely on a third-party tool, like ezTalks Cloud Meeting. It is a professional and easy-to-use video conferencing software that allows interviewers to host interviews on online easily.

What ezTalks Cloud Meeting Stands Out:
· Provide HD video and crystal-clear voice.
· Provide a brief interface for easy handle.
· Integrated with screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, voice control, text messaging and many other features.
· Support recording functionality for the recording of interviews.
· Work well on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
Fully compatible with an all-in-one video conferencing equipment – ezTalks Onion.

Steps to Conduct Video Conferencing Interview with ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Step 1. Download and Run ezTalks Cloud Meeting
To conduct a video conferencing interview, first of all, both interviewers and the candidate should download and install ezTalks Cloud Meeting on Mac, Windows PC, or Android/iOS devices. Run it. For interviewers, they must log into ezTalks Cloud Meeting by creating an ezTalks account or signing into with Facebook or Google account. For the candidate, he doesn’t have to sign up for ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Instead, he can directly join the video conferencing interview.

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Note: If you’re a Windows user, click the button above to download and install ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Otherwise, click ezTalks Download center to download a Macintosh, iOS or Android version.

Step 2. Conduct A Video Conference Interview
After running and signing into ezTalks Cloud Meeting, the interviewers come to the main window. Click Start Meeting to enter a virtual video conferencing interview room. Then, contact the candidate and invite him to attend the video conferencing interview by sharing him the interview room ID or sending him an email. When the candidate is in, interviewers can start the interview in no time.

video conferencing interview definition

The above mainly emphasizes on what is video conference interviews and how to use it. Video conferencing Interview is very helpful and attentive to companies’ needs. It helps companies’ interviewers screen candidates more thoroughly

without having to bring them into companies’ offices, which enables companies to hire more outstanding employee

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The Best Free Screen Sharing Software 2017:ezTalks

Screen sharing is the process of giving another computer user access to a computer screen. With the use of free screen sharing software or paid screen sharing software, collaborating, conducting a meeting, and even socializing is now made convenient. Finding the best screen sharing software with great features can be a task. This article will help you discover different screen sharing software for your professional and personal needs.

There are several free screen sharing software out there to choose from. But we’ve gathered only the best for our list. These are ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Join.Me, Mikogo, Skype, and Team Viewer. For a detailed review, check out our list below:

Our List of the Top 5 Best Free Screen Sharing Software:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a powerful video conferencing and screen sharing software packed with features. One of the features included with its free version is screen sharing. This software is ideal for meetings that require interaction and collaboration among its participants. It offers its users the ability to share their computer screens with their selected participants. There are added features that make this software extremely useful such as the whiteboard tool that can be used for sketching during a live presentation. ezTalks Cloud Meeting users can maximize the use of this software without any problem. Convenience and efficiency seem to be the keywords that can be associated with this screen sharing software. It gives its users full control with its options for muting and unmuting of conference participants, recording meetings hosted through the software, and controlling the audio and video.

Access to this free screen sharing software is easy through secured purchase and download. The number of participants for each meeting is flexible, depending on the purchased version. Its free plan offers up to 100 participants capacity. ezTalks Cloud Meeting boasts of a user-friendly interface and easy to start virtual meetings for any professional needs.

2. Join.Me

This free screen sharing software is ideally used for online meetings and collaborations. Its key selling point are the simple and easy to use features. With its free basic plan, users can experience screen sharing with VoIP calling with as many as 10 participants. A recording and playback option which can be shared with other participants is also available if you wish to document your online meetings. For convenience, this software enables users to download its mobile app.

3. Mikogo

Mikogo made it to our list of best free screen sharing software because of its browser-based tool for setting up online meetings. It saves its users the time and hassle from any downloads. Its features include a good quality VoIP service, keyboard and mouse access for participants, screen sharing switch from one user to another, whiteboard, session scheduler, and recording option. The downside with this free screen sharing software is that the free version can hold limited screen sharing participants. An affordable upgrade rate is available if you wish to include more meeting participants. This screen sharing tool works on several platforms including iOS and Android devices.

4. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is currently considered as one of the more popular and the best free screen sharing software. This software offers quick access and efficient meeting hosting. It works well on different platforms such Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. One of its unique features is the option to limit what other screen sharing participants can see from your desktop. You can choose to show all or just a part of your computer screen, or even just a program. Other features included are file sharing, whiteboard use, and chat option. Collaboration is smoothly done with this software. The number of participants available is also flexible, depending on which purchase package you choose.

5. Skype

Perhaps the most popular software among the list is Skype. Its VoIP and instant messaging services are known better, but Skype is also one of the best free screen sharing software. Skype’s basic screen sharing feature is easy to use and learn. This option to share screens were not possible for free accounts until Skype added its use for said accounts. The screen sharing process can be made during a call by clicking the share screen button. This software is accessible since most users can easily download it for free. You can use the free screen sharing feature with one participant or more.

Sharing information and collaborating with colleagues, friends or family online is made possible with these free screen sharing software. We hope that we have helped you come up with the best screen share software for you. Take your pick and explore the different features of these screen sharing tools.

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ezTalks – What Audio Conferencing Equipment Is Required for A Video Meeting

ezTalks – What Audio Conferencing Equipment Is Required for A Video Meeting?

As we know, a complete video conferencing system consists of endpoints, video conferencing bridge (also called a multipoint control unit, MCU) and broadband network to tie them together. If it is a one-to-one video chat, the bridge can be unnecessary. Endpoints here refer to any kinds of audio video conferencing equipment and devices.

Now imagine that you want to build a video conferencing system for business meetings, how will you do that? And what audio conferencing equipment is needed before a video meeting? Today, we’ll give you an answer.

In the current market, video conferencing ranges from the free social platform, web-based video conferencing tool to another conference room-based video conferencing system or even Telepresence room-based video conferencing system that costs much more to equip. In the article, we’ll just talk about the most popular kinds of video conferencing systems for most companies, namely, web-based video conferencing and room-based video conferencing.

Audio conferencing equipment required for web-based video conferencing system

desktop video conferencing

Web-based video conferencing system is usually used by people to have a video meeting with others in separate places on your computer. Owing to its ease-of-use and convenience, more and more business is willing to utilize it. The audio conferencing equipment you need is a handset microphone, which will make you hear others and your voice heard by others. And then you can select a great video conferencing solution provider like ezTalks and start your online meeting now. You can download and install ezTalks Cloud Meeting software, or just have the meeting through the web browser. In addition, you can also conduct or attend a face-to-face meeting on your laptop, iPad, smartphone or other portal devices.

Audio conferencing equipment required for meeting room-based video conferencing system

audio video conferencing equipment

It will be a little more complicated to equip a conference room for video meetings. You must make sure that all the participants can hear others and be heard by others in different locations. What audio and video conferencing equipment is required for the conference room? First, how many cameras and monitors are needed is mainly dependent on the size of the room. For example, you can install two or three cameras, one to three monitors for a room with 50 square meters or so. As for audio conferencing equipment, microphones like handheld ones or gooseneck ones, loudspeakers, amplifiers or sound mixing consoles are needed. Of course, you also need some wires and cables to connect all these audio visual video conferencing equipment together. After equipping the conference room well, you can start your video meeting with people remotely by using video conferencing software ezTalks Cloud Meeting on your notebook.

Video conferencing service has become more useful because more and more users have access to the video conferencing system easily. For both web and room-based video conferencing systems, the audio conferencing equipment aforementioned are necessary for you to conduct an online meeting successfully. The article here can serve as the basis for you to adopt this effective communication tool.


ezTalks – Who Uses Video Conferencing? Here’s the Answer

ezTalks – Who Uses Video Conferencing? Here’s the Answer

As globalization continues to rise, video conferencing is gaining more and more popularity for companies all over the world. Video conferencing is so a powerful collaborative tool that can be used by people in almost all the industries. Specifically, who would like to use video conferencing? Now we will fully elaborate on the question in three parts.

Part 1: What Is Video Conferencing?
Part 2: Why Use Video Conferencing?
Part 3: Who Uses Video Conferencing?

Part 1. What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing, also known as video-conferencing or videoconferencing, refers to a system that enables two or more people in various places around the globe to have a meeting by means of electronic sound and video communication through the Internet, according to the definition from Collins. To put it simply, by utilizing a video conferencing system like ezTalks, you can easily host or join a virtual online conference with people you want, just like you were talking to each other face to face.

Part 2. Why Use Video Conferencing?

According to a recent survey from Redshift Research, among over 1,200 business decision makers in 12 countries, 76% said they use video conferencing solutions to work today, and 56% said they join at least one video conferencing call a week. It indicates that video conferencing has now becoming an essential communication tool for business. But why they’d like to use video conferencing?

Apart from the reduced travel cost and time, a study shows that 96% business decision makers believe video conferencing eliminates geographic restrictions and increases productivity between teammates in different places. Besides, during a video conference, you can clearly see the body language and facial expressions of participants across distances, leading to a much more effective and faster collaboration. Furthermore, you can also use video conferencing to do other collaborative work except for business meetings, such as online interview, telecommuting; e-learning and distance education if you are engaged in education industry.

Video Conferencing Equipment

Part 3. Who Uses Video Conferencing?

After understanding video conferencing meaning, video conferencing benefits and uses, you must be very curious about who would like to use video conferencing. Generally speaking, video conferencing can be applied to almost all the industries as long as one has needs for video conferencing. The survey shows that the top five different industries that benefit from video conferencing is as follows:

#1.Business meetings. Obviously, it is the common use of video conferencing. Video conferencing is adopted in the business world by companies of any size to conduct internal or external business meetings, staff training and HR job interview, etc. To learn more, you can refer to <a href=”https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/benefits-of-video-conf

ezTalks – 5 Platforms for Free Video Conference Call Services

ezTalks – 5 Platforms for Free Video Conference Call Services

Despite the fact that efficient communication matters a lot for keeping enterprises competitive in the peer, keeping efficient communication all the time is a tough thing, especially when enterprises carry out cross-regional cooperation, or set up branches across the country or even the globe. In this case, it is advisable to adopt video conference call service, with offers an easy and real-time way to let you meet and communicate with coworkers, partners and customers face to face from anywhere.

There are numerous video conference tools that provide video conference call services. Some are expensive, and some are totally free. Due to tight budget, small business and start-ups are inclined to apply free video calls and video conferencing services. If you’re one of them, you are in the right place. The part below introduces you 5 best free video conference call services.

1. Skype
2. Google Hangouts
3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting
4. ooVoo
5. Zoom

1. Skype

As a well-known social instant messaging app, Skype is likely to be the first one that reminds you of video conference call for free. As you know, Skype allows you to create a one to one video conference call or group conference call that consists of up to 10 participants wherever they’re located.

free video conference call

• Enable to create one to one video call;
• Empower to start group video call;
• Support file sharing and screen sharing;
• Allow to send text messages, voice messages and video messages.

• Only support 10 participants appear in a same group video call.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free online video conference call, which lets you meet coworkers, customers and partners on a same page easily. You can get easy access to it via Chrome toolbar, Gmail, Inbox and its Android and iOS apps.

• Enable to start one to one or group conversations via a video conference call at a time;
• Allow to share screens with other participants;
• Integrated with Google calendar;
• Screen focuses on the speakers automatically;
• Empower to send text, emoji, photos and more;
• Record video conversations to share with others via Google+ and YouTube.

• Only up to 10 participants can be in a same video conference call.

3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

The third free internet video conference call service is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Compared to Skype and Google Hangouts, ezTalks Cloud Meeting gives you the power to host and attend an online meeting with up to 100 participants, which is significant for enterprises to have more participants present at a same meeting and collaborate with no cost.

Video Conferencing Equipment

• Support up to 100 participants in a same meeting;
• Support unlimited meeting times;
• Allow to create a personal meeting room;
• Allow to have a meeting right now, or schedule a meeting at a certain time;
• Fully compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android device and iOS devices;
• Work well in desktop sharing & whiteboard sharing;
• Offer two kinds of views: gallery view and full screen;
• High-definition video and high-fidelity audio;
• Allow to chat with anyone or in a group;
• Record video conversations for playback later;
• Work perfectly with ezTalks Onion, a feature-rich video conferencing equipment.

• 40-min limit on group meetings.

4. ooVoo

ooVoo is the fourth one to let you have free video conference calls online. It is compatible with Android devices, iOS devices, Amazon Fire Phone, Windows Phone, Mac, PC as well as Intel® RealSense™ devices. With its help, you can have twelve people to join a same video conference call at a time. During the video conference call, you can send text message, share fun photos, make a capture by recording.

• Allow to send text, picture, video messages, and more;
• Be available on Amazon Fire Phone, Android devices, iOS devices, Mac, Windows Phone, PC and Intel® RealSense™ devices;
• Allow to create a personal meeting room;
• Allow to have a meeting right now, or schedule a meeting at a certain time;
• Support adding contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook and other emails.

• Allow to have a video conference call with up to 12 participants;
• Force to set Teoma as default search provider, or set Teoma.com as browser during the installation.

5. Zoom

Zoom offers both free plans and paid plans. Here we focus on its free plan. With it, you’re able to start and attend a 50-person face-to-face online meeting which lasts for 40 minutes! Just like ezTalks Cloud Meeting, it displays the video conference with HD video and HD voice, so that you can see the looks on the other participants’ faces and watch their body languages clearly. For more features, please have a look at the following part.

free video conference call service

• Meet with up to 50 participants;
• Unlimited number of meetings;
• Allows to share interactive whiteboards for drawing, drafting and typing;
• Support files sharing, screen sharing with marks on it;
• Fully compatible with Macintosh OS, Windows, Linux, Android as well as iOS;
• Enable to start an impromptu meeting or schedule a meeting at a fixed time;
• Support private and group chat, and saving the chat history for use later;
• Provide with 3 views: active speaker’s view, gallery view and full screen;
• Keep the audio recording of meetings to avoid missing anything important.

• Only host up to 50 participants;
• Group meetings only last for 40 minutes at a time;
• Not allowed to record video conversation;
• Only text, no emoji, can be sent in the built-in instant messaging;
• Screen sharing is frequently to be paused.